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Robert Vasilev’s love for music began in his early teens when he started listening to soul, funk, and R&B and has been an enthusiast ever since. Known for his compelling, atmospheric and individual style with endless energy, euphoria, and groove of tech and techno together with a mixture of a gloomy sound, Robert’s musical style is truly unique and easily recognizable and he has already compiled a serious fan base.
Opening his career in 2015, Robert is yet a new but very interesting artist and also quickly establishing himself as an authority in the techno scene throughout his performances and recent releases on: ‘IAMT’, the legendary ‘Bosphorus Underground’ by Ahmet Sendil, Funk’n Deep, Reload Records, Riot Recordings, and Eclipse Recordings. His first EP was released in 2016 on ‘Secret Jams Records’. The following time has been highly prominent with significant performances and heavily supported and Beatport chartered releases for numerous notable labels.

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