bouton fleche gauche

Julian Ess, Dj/producer born in France headed early to his adopted city: Barcelone. There, he discovered a passion for the Music, more precisely for the Techno Music. His meetings with peoples like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin or Chris Liebing confirm this: he will follow his glorious elders’ footsteps.
In 2010, he made his early stages in Catalan clubs like Pacha, Rachdingue, Marhes and many others. Over time, he managed to distinguish himself, thanks to the quality of his work and of his DJ Sets, as well as to the complicity he was able to create with his audience. From now on, he’s invited by the biggest European clubs and festivals (ADE Amsterdam, Inox Festival Paris, Egg London, Le Dieze Montpellier, Vatican Helsinki…)
Self-taught artist, Julian Ess made his debuts in musical production. His creativity and his energy allow him to compose and to produce his tracks in his own studio. His passion and his influences enriched his musical signature: a melodic line with dark hints mixed with vigorous bass!
2016 is an awesome year for the artist. He signed with respected labels like Agile Recordings, Riot Recordings, Funk’N Deep or IAMT. It’s also the year of his masterpiece « Outdated » supported by the famous dj Spartaque himself.And, finally, it’s the year of his own label launch: Substeal Records.
Julian Ess continues to evolve through his music. Widening his audience, he became a respected artist of the worldwide underground scene.

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